About Us

Mrs. Button got its start almost thirty years ago, when some people were asking for help with filing their taxes.

Recently our senior tax consultant heard of someone who had overpaid their Canadian income tax by about $40,000, two years running, due to an incomplete awareness of tax laws, codes, and rules. After advising this one client—who was extremely grateful, as you can imagine—we realized there had to be more people out there experiencing similar problems due to a lack of information, inexpert advice, and the simple fact that tax filing is a confusing, complicated mess for most Canadians.
Call us crazy, but we love filling out and filing tax returns (even if we’re not always crazy about paying our own taxes, so we decided to turn our passion into a full time profession!

Nowadays, our client numbers are growing, and we’ve saved them money, both in dollars spent for our services, and by making sure they claim every dollar they are eligible to deduct. By attending annual tax update seminars and helping our clients with their tax and financial planning year round, we keep our knowledge current and accurate, ensuring no client of Mrs. Button will ever overpay out of their own ignorance or their preparer’s ineptitude.

We keep ourselves within our clients’ easy reach, too, with our secure and encrypted email service allowing for convenient and confidential communication any time an issue arises or a question needs to be answered.

Mrs. Button is committed to providing the best personal income tax consulting and preparation in all of Canada, and we’d be proud to count you among our happy and worry free clientele!

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