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Tax Consulting and Preparation for Canadian Individuals together with bookkeeping services for small and medium businesses.

The team at Mrs. Button offers tax consulting and preparation service for your Canadian personal tax return, and for unincorporated businesses and partnerships.

We meet you where you already are—online—gathering all the information we need to get you the best refund possible and protecting you from errors that can lead to audits and fines.
If you already have electronic or digital copies of your tax documents, great! Send them to us as attachments using our secure email service. If everything’s still on paper, all you need is a scanner to send us the documents we need to start your tax filing process.

Once we have your forms, your work is almost done…but not quite. In order to do our best for you, we’ll need you to answer a few more questions—okay, more than a few, but we prize accuracy and completeness above all else, and you should, too! The more you share with us, the better we can ensure you’ll get every dollar you have coming to you, and the better protected you’ll be in the event of an audit.

You give us the forms and answer our questions, and we will give you a return that is as accurate as possible.  We will help you answer any questions raised in an audit.  No Canadian tax professional can guarantee you won’t face an audit, of course, but If and when that typically stressful situation arises, a well prepared tax return will help you stay worry free.

We can also help you file or refile multiyear returns, reviewing your past tax filings to see if there are any errors that led to overpayments and submitting the proper paperwork to amend those errors and get you a refund for prior years. You deserve a second chance, and we’ll make sure you get every advantage available to you.

Mrs. Button Keeps Working Long After Tax Time is Over

Your financial situation and decisions don’t just affect you at tax time, and our tax and bookkeeping experts don’t just sit on their hands all year waiting for tax season to come around again.

Determine your net worth and figure out the best strategy to help it grow by consulting with our wealth and income planning professionals we can recommend. How you structure your income, especially if you are self employed or own your own business, can have a significant impact on your tax burden and your financial freedom, and Mrs. Button will work with you to make sure you’re optimizing every opportunity.

We’ll help you understand your choices without you needing to spend hours poring over spreadsheets. You run your business, we run the numbers, and together we’ll get you on the road to financial independence.

Bookkeeping Services.

We are currently serving Calgary and area with bookkeeping services both on site and remotely. Data entry, GST reports, payroll, bank reconciliations, everything except T2 returns. We also offer catch up services for the business that has not been able to keep up. We will meet with you to discuss your needs.

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